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Show Day Bag

Show Day – What do I need to take?

If you are preparing for your first bodybuilding or Fitness competition, there is so much to do and to learn and it can get quite stressful – so I thought id create a list of things you need to take with you to the show- so you wont forget anything and will be prepared for anything!

Your Bag

The most popular bag is a pull along aeroplane cabin style bag is , why? Well once you have tan on- you don’t want to be carrying anything over your shoulder, or your tan might rub off!


  • Bikini / Figure Suit (you may also have theme-wear, props, evening gown)
  • Footwear (clear heal shoes, check federations rules, some model classes you need training shoes, again check division criteria)
  • Tan & mitt (if not using official tanning service)
  • Glaze / Glitter spray (depending on whats allowed)
  • Bikini Bite (for gluing your suit on- official tanning service may have this- check)
  • Accessories (earrings, bracelets)
  • Makeup / lashes (if not using make up service)
  • Hair accessories/ tools/ products
  • Food / drinks / supplements you need for the day
  • Membership / Entry Details / running order / Venue and Comp Details

If you have the essentials you can get on stage – I have competed with literally just my entry fee, suit, heels tan, mitt glaze and a small makeup bag as it was a last minute decision and had to travel light. I didn’t actually need anything else, but of course its always good to be prepared and to make your day a bit easier by having everything you might need with you. If you are competing with friends, you might be able to share some things to save how much you need to be carrying around. When it’s a highly competitive competition, you will want to feel and be totally prepared so the little extras can make a big difference and if its a long day, it will make it more comfortable.

Other things Always in my Comp Bag

  • dressing gown and flip flops- to wear after your tan is applied so comfortable backstage and tan protected!
  • Disposable rubber gloves for tanning / glazing
  • baby wipes- just useful- cleaning your hands as you cant go near water once tan is on and cleaning up any mess if you do get tan on anything!
  • paper towels in case you start to get hot and sweat a bit, dab! Also great to cover bikini if you are tanning backstage.
  • safety pins just in case of suit malfunction- ive seen this happen and its great to be able to help another competitor and obviously in case you have a suit connector break.
  • towel / blanket – really useful to mark your spot backstage, to chill out on or cover seats so you don’t leave your tan behind and leave the federation with a nice cleaning bill!
  • loo roll, just in case the backstage loos run out!
  • water- regardless of whether you dehydrate or not, its a good idea to have some water with you, its useful if you are called for drug testing and to rehydrate after show!
  • ipod / mp3 to listen to your posing track, or just stay calm backstage
  • if you have more than one round / outfit etc, clear ziplock bags to keep everything organised for quick changes!
  • Dynaband for pumping up backstage- some competitions provide equipment but not always, and they could be busy- best to have your own equipment.

Backstage can be very hectic- there isn’t usually a lot of space – most federations limit who can be backstage but avoid taking valuables with you- usually its no problem but costume jewellery- not your favourite jewels, and try not to have lots of cash, iPads etc just in case- leave with a friend or leave at home.

Try not to bring unnecessary items as you need to be organised and keep everything together-in what could be a very busy backstage area. You may be called earlier than expected, or might have quick changes and need to be able to find your essentials quickly!

I hope you find this useful and helps you get prepared for the big day!