Prep Mentor Intensive December Course


Online Competition Prep Mentoring

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Product Description

Starts Friday 1st December

7pm Mon 4th & Friday 8th

7pm Mon 11th & Friday 15th

7pm Mon 18th December

Want to prep yourself for a bodybuilding competition?

This is my Intensive mentor package- covering

Training / diets/ Supplements


Comp Prep

Types of comps/ federations, divisions, how to choose your show / division

Peak week

Show day

Post comp planning

Reverse/ Recovery diets

Helpful Tips on Posing, what to expect from prep and show day and all the extra stuff like suits, shoes, tanning

Q&A- your chance to ask anything about bodybuilding


Intensive online course

^6 Live sessions delivered in a private Facebook group

supporting materials provided

Dont worry if you cant attend live as videos will stay up in the group for a month. You can watch in your own time and ask any questions, ill be there to support and answer questions for the 3 week duration.

Who is it for?

You have a good understanding of training and nutrition and want to self prep

You are a PT wanting to start training athletes for competition, this course will cover many areas you need to consider for your clients

You are just thinking about competing and want to learn more before diving in!